About Us

Our Story

I began my journey back in 2007, when my son asked for a military style cake. He had recently been diagnosed with severe allergies of dairy, soy, and nuts. So, I am sure you can imagine how I felt when every bakery around me wasn’t offering allergic free baked goods. It was my mission to create something he could enjoy as well as make something in his desired request. That’s how my passion turned into this beautiful love of edible artwork.

Our Mission

My mission was to put a smile on my son’s face and healthy for him to eat. Now my mission is to provide that some service to other’s on their special day!

High Standards

High standards is one of many components to running my business!

Work Tirelessly

I make sure everything is up to code, my standards and your expectations.


I make sure I am up to date with all the new technology, equipment and overall techniques I need to create beautiful and tasty cakes and cookies!


It is with great responsibility that I take each order,  and comply with all regulations and procedures to make your vision come true!

Marcia E Dexter

Owner | Designer | Decorator

Who We Are

Marcia’s Munchies NJ, LLC and Marcia Dexter are the “WE and OUR”, occasionally my husband or children will run out for ingredients or deliver an order.

However, it is just me Marcia behind Marcia’s Munchies NJ, LLC.

In 2007, I was a retail manager with a passion for making cakes. Little did I know that my passion would change my life.

As my cakes and cookies have grown in popularity, I have been able to turn my passion into a thriving full-time business.

I pride myself in providing meticulously handcrafted cakes and edible treats with precise attention to detail, which has become my trademark.

I absolutely love creating one-of-a-kind edible designs that taste as good as they look.

I look forward to working with you to create an extraordinary centerpiece for your special event!

Our Bakery

Our Standards

To provide everyone with the upmost quality of customer service.

Work-tirelessly to make your vision of your edible treats come to real life.

Keep my skills and education in this industry up-to-date!

Maintain the same responsibilities I always have to provide you with the best products and services you desire!

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