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Please use the calendars below to check if I’m available on your desired delivery date. Please request orders at least two weeks before your event. If I’m not available on the exact date, consider selecting an earlier date.

These calendars are just for reference, make sure to request your quote and ask if there is room for your treats to be made.

If you order last minute two things may occur, I may have reached the maximum order count and cannot take your order or a rush fee will be applied to your order. If you pay the retainer within the two week period, an additional 20% rush fee within the first week of the two week period will be applied. An additional 25% rush fee if paid the week of the event.

Ex. You request a quote May 30th and you accept the terms of the quote for the day of your event July 14th. I will send you an invoice immediately after you have until July 1st to pay the invoice. Now it’s July 3rd, you are in the first week of the two week period. I have texted, called, emailed or extended some type of communication prior to July 1st but you didn’t pay. You will be charged an additional 20% rush fee. your order is $125 as per quote and then invoice. From July 1st to 7th an additional 20% rush fee will be added ($125 + $25 = $150). If your payment has not been received until the 8th of July either your order has automatically been cancelled or an additional 25% will be added ($125 + $31.25 = $156.25).

***Orders are not confirmed until a 50% non-refundable retainer is paid at least two prior to your event. Orders must be paid in full at one week prior to date needed.***

  • Sugar Cookies
  • Not Available
  • Day off - Please Call on Wednesday
  • Holidays
  • Custom Cake
  • Baked Goods Event
  • Sugar Cookie Decorating Classes
  • Pick-ups 9 am to 12 pm

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