Custom Cookie Contract


Please Review Our Contract for Custom Orders


Payment Due
Sweetie, you bring the dough, I’ll do the baking show! I’ll whip up some adorable cookies, sprinkle them with spectacular hues, and wrap them in fabulous packaging just for you. But honey, remember, upfront payment is the key, it’ll secure your pick-up date and make you smile with glee! So let’s seal the deal and make your sugary dreams come true, with a touch of sass and a sprinkle of cute, just for you! πŸ’•πŸͺπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰

Thank you very much for sharing those inspiring pictures with me!πŸ’• They have truly sparked my creativity. However, I wanted to mention that while I will strive to create cookies that closely resemble the ones in the pictures, they will not be perfect replicas. Nonetheless, I will do my best to capture the essence of what makes them so special. Thank you again for the inspiration!

Order Minimums
A minimum order of one dozen cookies with a maximum of three designs is required. Please note that any additional designs beyond the limit will incur an additional fee. Thank you for your understanding.

In a hurry?
Although I may not be able to accommodate all last minute orders, I will certainly make my best effort to do so. Please note that any orders placed with a turnaround time of fewer than 14 days will require a rush fee of a $30. Thank you for your understanding.

Price Shake-ups!
Hey, prices are subject to change. Gotta keep up with those ingredient costs to bring you the most delicious cookies ever! So, unfortunately, I can’t honor old pricing (just like the grocery store won’t honor their old flour prices, darn it!). Thanks for understanding!

Pictures speak a thousand words, but may not always be entirely accurate.
Colors and lighting in photos may vary slightly from the actual result. If you require an exact color, kindly send me a swatch at least two weeks before the pick-up date. Additionally, please note that cookies in photos may not be true to size. Thank you for understanding!

Cookies in Your Care
Once you’ve picked up your order (thanks a bunch, by the way!), the fate of your cookies is in your hands! Keep them away from direct sunlight, skip the fridge, and find them a cozy spot on a cool, dry counter. They’re all yours now!

Bulk Order?
Due to the custom work required for each cookie, I am unable to extend discounts regardless of quantity. If you have a specific budget you are working with, feel free to let me know in advance and I’ll do my best to offer you a solution that fits your budget.

Pick-up Dates and Times
Hey there! Just a quick heads up, all orders are pick-up only. Pick-up times are set when you place your order, and I won’t be able to reschedule once payment is received. But don’t worry! If your event date changes, I’ll give you instructions to freeze your cookies until needed. Other cookie lovers are waiting too! Mark that cookie pick-up in your calendar! If you can’t make it on the agreed-upon day, just give me a heads up 2 days prior to pick-up. Cookie time, here we come!

Don’t forget! Payment equals celebration!
Once you’ve submitted your (amazing) payment for your (amazing) order, you’re acknowledging and accepting the above terms. It’s awesome because my cookies are awesome. Cheers to awesomeness!


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